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Full Version: My new (Dacia) Sandero
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Come on people, where are the new owners smile.gif?!?
Some Sandero impressions from an owner: the car seems very balanced, I could say I like the way it handles. I find the suspension the best part of the car, it dampens small bumps very well at low and also high speeds.
The engine (1,4 8V) doesn't blow my mind, but it has proper performance (high compsumtion thought). The steering - well, I kind of liked it at first, but with the passing of time, I kind of found it to be to much assisted. Tight corners at high speed are not it's thing, and I often find myself entering a corner at a higher speed then the steering column would give me a safety feeling.
All in all, I'm satisfied with my purchase, and could say the car was actually beyond my expectations.

LE: I forgot... pics:
That's my beauty smile.gif

[attachmentid=1627657084] [attachmentid=1627657085]
heve some one the diesel variant 1.5 dci for sandero, impressions ?
My Dacia Sandero (Make October 2008) has an average fuel consumption (with 75% outside city) - of 6.3 liters / 100 Km.

The engine is 1.4 Mpi clasical injection, 8 Valves). I would say it is economical.

The gearbox is somewhat shorter than the Logan model (it advances in speed faster).

Regarding Sandero Diesel 1.5 - I have a good friend who has this type since 2 years - will ask him for feedback.
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