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I think that this is a good place for Romanians to advertise Romania a bit and give some recomendations smile.gif

For instance how long wolud it take me to drive from Zagreb to Bucuresti through Hungaria?

How are the prices there, for instance what would I pay for a night in a average hotel in Bucuresti?
you have 2 routes from Zagreb to Romania (Bucharest)....

A ) Zagreb> Belgrad> Drobeta Turnu Severin> Craiova> Pitesti> Bucharest (Bucuresti)... from Zagreb to Belgrad and between Pitesti and Bucuresti they are motorways... cca 1000-1100 km (cca 500 km motorways)

B ) (this was my route because I tried to avoid Serbia) Zagreb > motorway (cca 300 km) and turn left: Dakovo > Osijek > border with Hungary > Mohacs > turn right and head : Baja > Szeged > Nadlac (border with RO.. total cca 300 km national roads) > Arad > Deva > Sibiu > Pitesti > Bucuresti (cca. 600 km, km 100 motorway +500 national roads).. total: 300+300+600= 1200 km (400 km motoway)

time: 7 hours Zagreb-Arad plus 8-9 hours Arad-Bucharest plus 1-2 hours at the borders = 16 - 18 hours!!!... to much for 1 day ... I recommand you to stop 1 night in Hungay, in Szeged or in Romania, in Deva (not in Arad)... Zagreb to Deva = 800 km and 10-12 hours... or Zagreb to Szeged = 550 km and 7 hours ... all the timing are indicative... depending on the traffic, car, driver, weather etc.!!!

the roads are ok some problems near Mohacs and between Deva and Sibiu.. in the summer will be some road-works between Sibiu and Pitesti...

motorway taxes only in Croatia (aprox. 65-70 kuna in april 2004) and a special road development tax in RO (vigneta) ... I'll be back with info about the price!!!

CO95 unleaded gas price: in Croatia around 6,8-7 kuna (?) ... in RO 30 k lei/l (or 3 new lei !!!) = aprox. 0,8 euro/l (1 euro = aprox 36 k lei)

hotels in Bucharest are expensive... they are some small hotels or hostels arround 60 euro/night/room... but I think will be possbile to arange something for you... an apartment to rent etc. in casa you want to come here...

Whell the second route sounds better to me smile.gif, and it's only a 100 km difference, so it's not a lot.

1200 km, that sounds like it's a two day trip for me. Did you do the trip in one day, or did you stop and sleep somewhere?
I think that driving 1200 km in just one day is not such a good ideea in any country, but especially in Romania.
Here you have only 100 km of a allegedly highway..the rest of the trip is coverd by national roads, 1 lane allmost.
From Nadlac (border) to Bucharest I (which I'm considered as a little "Speedy Gonzales") need from 4,5 to 6 hours of constant driving. Whitout any stops.
Usually it takes 6-8 hours.
BUT! Adding the time you will spend at the border (2 hours) one or two stops (another 1 hour) the trip only in Romania will take you up to 10 hours!
So I don't think is such a good ideea.
Hotels in Bucharest...
We have a lot with various prices so you have to tell us the maximum price you want to spend per night.

This was just for informative purposes (regarding the prices), I doubt that I will be taking any long trips this year because I've just bought a car and I have to recover from it smile.gif

2 hours at the border? Controls or waiting?
Control...max. 5 minutes.
(It's very, very, very hard for romanian policemen to read and write in the same it takes a looong loong time)


we all have the same policemen
QUOTE(Boris @ 16 Mar 2005, 15:22)
Did you do the trip in one day, or did you stop and sleep somewhere?

yes ... first day Bucharest-Arad... second day Arad-Trieste (through Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia) .... final point France (Grenoble) or Italy (Rome). wink.gif

is not the same like Zagreb to Bucharest.... biggrin.gif

I testify: the romanian and croatian policemans are the same kind or type!!!

The time is for waiting and control...
it's not always the same. you have tot ake into consideration 2 hours waiting but the chances to happen that are less than 50%.

i advise u, if you are coming in a 2 day trip, to spend the night in Budapest or closer to the border, but in Hungary. They have decent conditions at lower prices than in RO. In RO, the best balance between quality and price u can find in pensions (we call them here agro-touristical pensions) but near the border is hard to find that.
Boris, if you come to Romania, I wouldn't recomend Bucharest. If you like going in the mountins, you can go to Scărișoara - Padiș (~ 250 km from Nădlac - the border). You will have to camp there, or you can find some houses in the area that wil host you for a small fee - it's really much better than most (cheap) hotels.
If you want to visit cities I would recommend that you spend the night in Sibiu or Sighișoara, or even in Timișoara which is near the border (and then take at least one day to visit some cities from Transilvania - I just mentioned three of them which are worth visiting IMO, you may add Târgu Mureș & several others to the list)...
Heck, if you go to the mountains (Apuseni) I guess I could even let you stay in a chalet that i have there (need to get approval from by wife first, otherwise i might popa.gif ) - but it will be problematic since in the mountains the locals don't speak english and it won't be easy for you to get any directions there.

Thanks a lot for the offer vv!

Like I said these are just ideas running through my head. Nothing decided yet.

BTW, any decisions about jour trip to Dubrovnik?
hello, everyone

i have been using this map for some months now, and it is certainly a useful one, it is very effective because it shows you the way, the number of km between the two places, the amount of oil needed and the sum of money needed, calculating the sum paid for one litre of oil. you can check it out here:

hope to be a helping hand for everybody!
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În trecut erau adevărate opere de arhitectură, dar astăzi din marea lor majoritate se mai păstrează doar ruinele din ceea ce au fost castelele celor mai bogate familii din Transilvania. Excepție face doar Castelul Bethlen-Haller care se află în proprietate privată și care este un exemplu de rafinament, eleganță și bun gust pentru felul în care a fost restaurat.

La Zlatna a sosit miercuri, locomotiva „Mocăniței” ce a fost restaurată prin grija Primăriei Zlatna în colaborare cu Consiliul Județean și va circula spre Alba Iulia, pentru turiști. Investiția pentru această atracție turistică a fost de 150.000 de euro, potrivit primarului Silviu Ponoran și mai urmează să fie adus în oraș și un vagon, și el restaurat, pentru a completa garnitura trenului de epocă. Din precizările edilului, trenul ar putea circula pe linie clasică, de luna viitoare.

Timișoara are unul dintre cele mai frumoase centre istorice din țară. Primarul Robu a inaugurat proiectul înainte de a fi gata
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