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I continue here in english,

in order to write properly and clearly in a language that all can understand and use without misunderstanding.
Google Translator is quite good as long as both communicating ends want to communicate in "good will" and not sarcastically, ironically, etc.

First of all, I never said Duster has a turbo, for God's Shake!!! mad.gif
I wanted to write that my other car is modified and has a turbo.

Now, back to our discussion about Duster's Top Speed.

Clearly, what I wanted to express is that our petrol 1.6 105HP duster can reach fairly easily (I mean with 4 passengers, in a straight road - not a sloppy one-)
within a logical distance (not...20 km for instance to "strech out" its maximum speed but within a nice accelerating vivid "tempo") the 180 km indication on the tachometer.
Having said that, GPS real speed should be arround 165-170 at that indication (all cars have optimistic indications padding up a +5 to +8 % error roughly say.

I also claimed that quite a few times in one of the best part of our greek high way I have seen with a bit of patience and sloppy descenting road 195-200 km.

Untill I find the time (and someone to help) to record evidence of this declaration, you have to be patient.

But, there's absolutely no need being sarcastic, nasty, ironic and making comments of the type "air in Athens has different density, Antoni's duster has a turbo, has ceramic brakes" etc.

I write in this forum in absolutely great pleasure, I can accept jokes but it is a different story to make someone appearing idiot to others.
I have a great sense of humor, but some of the replies I got in the duster section about my vibration problem were not properly written and were a bit "stichy".

I would like to see these people's faces that are assuming I talk nonsense after I image with tacho on 195-200 km indication wink.gif cool.gif
As I said before, you don`t have to be upset about people teasing you, a lot of them have only one goal in life, to laugh about others. Doesn`t matter if they are completely unaware about the thing that is in discussion, they have exactly the opposite opinion. That`s life, and these are the people that we run into, every day.
The speed comunicated by the manufacturer is the theoretical speed, and further more, the speedo has a reading error up to 10%. So, maybe you have 195-200km/h on the speedo, but at 6000rpm, the theoretical speed is 191km/h acording to the manufacturers specs. So, if the max speed of the Duster is 160km/h (acording to the manufacturer), on a flat road/no wind conditions you may have max 165-170km/h, not more). On a descending road, perhaps you may reach the above mentioned speed, but only with a good gasp of wind from behind, no other way.
And yes, the car is worth every penny you paid for it. You will not be sorry, you`ll see. smile.gif
antonis my friend,
You don't have to be upset. I'm not teasing you because I want to but because I like to:)). And in my opinion you are not an idiot. And I'm not sarcastic when I talked about the difference in air pressure; it was a joke but also is a proved fact. By the way I do have a 1.6 105 HP Duster, but I never tried to go more than 140 km/h, because I didn't bought it for races. Is true that 4 people into duster improve the stability because the weight center descends, I have already observed that.

Finally here is a tip for you: for the duster image with tacho on 195-200 km indication, Photoshop produces miracles without to force the engine above 6000 rpm:))

All the best and greetings from toronto
Dear Saddan,

thank's a lot for the tip.
I'll have it in mind,
perhaps I'll upload a picture with 320 km top speed! radmasa.gif
But I'll have to fiddle with the RPM , maybe I'll make the needle showing 9400 produce 320 km/hour! icon_mrgreen.gif

Then I'll claim my duster has VTec system and a Τ3 vband turbo capable of 500-600 HP wink.gif

It's good to tease long as you are prepared to be teased as well.

The problem is, most of the times people that love teasing others cannot accept to be teased in the same way! wink.gif

hello good friends!

it took me some months but I do keep my promises!
Remember that I claim my duster can reach up fairly easy (on little downhill) 190-200 km on the tacho (with 95 RON fuel, with Shell Racing speeds up a bit better passing 200 km on the tacho)

take a look in this video I uploaded and enjoy icon_mrgreen.gif
I used 95 RON this time.

PS: I stopped accelerating as this stupid little truck was insisting spoiling my I let the accelerator nearly 195 km... on this road I can easily see >200 approaching the very last point of the marking after the 200 number.

Have in mind....I am recording myself...with my mobile, by the way.
wacko.gif wacko.gif

Wow! What a great luxury-sport car! 173.gif
QUOTE(AR-18-MOS @ 9 Sep 2011, 19:37)
Wow! What a great luxury-sport car!  173.gif

depends how you define luxury.... icon_mrgreen.gif
Luxury is not synonym to sportiness however,

I am driving also some cars with >260 HP so I do know what is sportiness my friend and how it feels driving with 4th gear and instantly having the torque to loose traction with 140 km/hour while manouevering.... wink.gif

I didn't buy duster for sporty handling nor luxurious interior though,
having said that, I proved to some stubborn people that duster petrol 1.6 can cruise fairly quickly (crusing with 140-160 km is absolutely enjoyable and econonic) and that this car can do at least what a quasqai 2.0 can do (not to say more than a tiguan 4x4 1.4 turbo tsi with 1/3 less the price).

The car is MARVELOUS......and feels great driving it and it does a lot more than it is supposed to do. cool.gif

It is more than clear that the only reason for approaching 200km/h(in order to obtain a real value you should adjust the figure by almost 15km/h...) on the tacho is the road profile. It's so easy to notice that the run takes place on a steep descend zone (this is also reflecting in the way the car is "accelerating" (or should I say free falling) from 160 to 190km/h... ).
C a t a l i n
QUOTE(saddan @ 12 May 2011, 11:22)
Is true that 4 people into duster improve the stability because the weight center descends, I have already observed that.

That's a good one! radmasa.gif

It would be true if you place those 4 persons on the ground, at the same level as the wheels...
How does it feel at almost 200km/h? Is it stable on the road? What kind of tyres do you have on it? Give us more info.
QUOTE(C a t a l i n @ 16 Sep 2011, 22:20)
That's a good one!  radmasa.gif

It would be true if you place those 4 persons on the ground, at the same level as the wheels...

hey guys,

do you really hate Duster and you make such comments?
or...deap down, it has driven you crazy, you want the car so badly and you just make fun of it to feel better for not having it?

Do you see it's sexy wide buttocks and you imagine it with nice 18'' inches alloy wheels, and for punish the car by making some ironic comments?

well guess what, who does really care...about such sarcastic comments!!!

I strongly advise you not to buy it....
let us...driving it...and having the constant smile on our face...go buy something else....then.
ha..ha...ha.!! wink.gif radmasa.gif tongue.gif

as far as this comment "Is true that 4 people into duster improve the stability because the weight center descends, I have already observed that."

I would reply this is so nonsense, no it is not true, the guy that wrote it was very Physics....and specifically to even high school level of Physics... cool.gif

10 Oct 2011, 14:30:
QUOTE(D-Ice @ 18 Sep 2011, 18:14)
How does it feel at almost 200km/h? Is it stable on the road? What kind of tyres do you have on it? Give us more info.

My friend,

what more to say, I was driving with one hand and using the phone to record...with the other,
one eye was on the road, other was on the camera.

If it wouldn't be so steady....most probably you would never watch the Video and I wouldn't be here right now wub.gif
QUOTE(antonis @ 9 Sep 2011, 00:34)
>200 approaching the very last point of the marking after the 200 number

Very weak performance! sad.gif

I did 220 and still had half the pedal to push! mandru.gif

I know my friend, the video I uploaded is with 1/3 of the accelarator, but I
was embarased to say!!!
if I step on it, the tachometer can turn clockwise twice....and it will be the equivalent of 351.9 km/hour,

if you are aware, they say a REVO skoda octavia made a new speeding record at

Well, guess what, it is not true, the car was an unmodified 1.6 petrol Dacia Duster
being camouflaged as a Skoda Octavia a...ha...ha.... laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

You guys are so funny....indeed!!
Doesn't matter you tease me,
I know how you romanians think, I have 2 good colleagues and friend here in Athens and I really like them,
you are very clever nation I have to admit!!
So tease me as much as you like,
I am in very good mood because our greek economy goes so...nice....
within a few months.....I'll modify duster to add real pedals....cause I won't have money for gasoline mad.gif

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