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Hi guys,

our duster has having some nice tiny cracks at the very end of the ceiling,
the spots are in the joins of the side back wings on the ceiling and as is white coloured, I noticed a few of them Along that 50cm area that remains unvocered untill the back end of the ceiling (I mean from the end of the back door where the ceiling rubber sealant ceals the door on the celing untill the very end of the ceiling.

Anyone else has noticed such a thing?
I called the dealer, he said it is because there is a silicone material below the paint to cover the joins of the wings with the ceiling and due to vibration it has happened in a few others to crack the paint, he told me "don't worry, just bring it here and we'll fix it..once and for all".

Thank God, the guy is a good technician, I think he has the solution for this to rectify as well.
yet I haven't done anything about the cracks.
I noticed that these cracks are not isolated only at the end of the ceiling but there are existing along the way untill the rear door.

I'll try to upload images.
so far, they don't give any problems (like water coming inside the vehicle) however I did experienced water coming inside from the left hinge of the back door (at the point it attaches on the ceiling).

I took it to the dealer and they found out it was the hinge, I was assuming the water was getting inside the trunk compartment because of the cracks.

Having said that, they offered to repaint for free these parts whenever it suits me.

I have exactly the same problems like the ones in the pictures!!!

I solved it by myself, I bought a nice silicon and I put some silicom on the cracked spot...and now it looks better.

The dealer wanted to paint it partially but I didn't like the idea of repainting.
I prefer the silicon solution, simpler, quicker and easier, worst comes worst after a couple of years...I'll put again new silicon on the cracks... while if something goes wrong with the painting...I won't be able to... "undo" the last "modification"!!

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