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Full Version: Speed limiter
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Hi all, I am writing from Greece and this is my first post here.

I have a 4x4 1.5 DCi Diesel Duster, and I have noticed that my top speed is limiting at around 175Km/h. I can accellerate fairly easy up to this speed but then it seems to hold back. I have tried to surpass this speed with different conditions (with medium load or no load at all, uphill, downhill, with different wind speeds etc.) but with the same results.

This looks like there is a speed limiter in the car's computer. Can anybody verify that this is true? Is this only for the Diesel version, or is the same for the petrol version?

If yes, is there a way to disable/bypass the speed limiter?
I'm pretty sure that the speed limiter is only Duster engine power. smile.gif
But there is an engine rpm limiter.
If you want the limiter removed you will have to have the chip modified on the Duster. Once changed thats it. Most cars are like this and you cant change it with a addon box like the TDI one on this page you have to have a reprogram done.
Pretty late answer smile.gif

Just for the record, I am sure the guy who initiated this topic (which never came back for a debate) does not have any speed limiter set by the constructor.

Some cars have cruise control and speed limiter settings which the driver can control.

Den, I think you are confusing the speed limiter (which the driver can set it at whatever speed it wants) with the speed limiter some cars have it built in, and which is around 240km/h. This is for the cars having lots of horse power and it is placed in for security reasons.
So, Den, saying that most of the cars have it is wrong, some of the cars (with lots of horse power) have it and the limit is always around 240km/h (surely not under 200km/h).

As someone said, it is the maximum that car can go with that engine. For example a Logan 1.4 mpi can ride with a maximum of 162km/h and you can't get over that speed without a little help from the wind behind, maybe a downhill... And you can get to that speed pretty easily.
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