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Full Version: Continental M+S tyres
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Hi everybody!

At the moment I'm working in Bulgaria. My company provide me a car brand Dacia Duster 2011/2012 (by the way which I found really nice). The thing is that:

I have to travel with the above mentioned Dacia from Bulgaria thru Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to Poland on 23-24th of March means in the time when winter tyres are still legally required. The car is equipped with M+S marked Continental mounted originally in Romania. The tyres are not marked with "snow" signage.

I search internet and I assume that this kind of tyres are treated in Romania as winter one. Please, can anybody confirm this information? Moreover, are these M+S tyres also treated as winter one in Slovakia?

Looking forward for feedback and visiting Romania, regards from the Black Sea Coast

yes, M+S inscription is ok in Romania... does it have the four seasons pictures as well?
So excact type of the tyres is:

Continental CrossContact LX M+S 215/65R16 made in Romania. There is no any information if the tyre is all season or only summer type, however, I was driving on those tyres here in Bulgaria on ice and deep snow and I've to admit that the traction was very good.

Pictures of the tyre in attachment.

PS. I've information regarding required marking on TISPOL website which clearly states that according to the Romanian legislation

"only those winter tyres marked with symbol "M + S” or "MS" or "M & S", are acceptable. Tyres marked “All Seasons" are not accepted unless symbol "M + S” or "MS" or "M & S" are present"

So it should be ok.

in Romania you are safe.
There is no time in Romania when winter tires are required. Meaning that they are required depending on the weather. When there is snow or ice on the road then they are required, even if this is in middle of August.
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