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Full Version: How are the road conditions in Serbia?
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First of all I want to apologize for opening this thread on "Logan English Corner", but I saw that there are a few members in here from Serbia, and I think I could get some infromations from them, informations which I really need.

So, the problem is that I'm about to drive to Romania the next days and I would gladly try to drive through Serbia, because of the very bad roads in Romania. I maybe drive from Szeged to Novi Sad, Beograd, and in the end I want to reach Kladovo.
My questions are:
- how are the roads now from Novi Sad to Kladovo, I mean how affected are they from the latest floods?
- how many kilometers of highway are in this rute?
- how's going with the policemen out there, what are they (especially) looking to the cars, in case of a check?

Thanx a lot and please (once again) excuse my far-from-being-perfect english. Anyone who can answer to these questions may do it here or on PM, and he can do it even in serbian language.

(Hope it's allowed): Hvala vam puno i sve naibolije.
QUOTE(Smudo @ 15 Apr 2006, 10:59)
First of all I want to apologize for opening this thread on "Logan English Corner",

(Hope it's allowed): Hvala vam puno i sve naibolije.

Hi Smudo I hope you have a nice journey and I would advise you to get a LOGAN for the trip laugh.gif
Calibras seem to hate holes in the road blink.gif

Hey I am looking for a gearbox for a Calibra for a freind at work .do you kjnow of anynone ??? Stuttgart would not be to far
QUOTE(martin245 @ 15 Apr 2006, 14:44)
Calibras seem to hate holes in the road  blink.gif

Yeah martin, you can say that twice sad.gif .
I'm sorry I can not help you with any information about a Calibra gear box, but all I can say is that your friend should take a look on ebay, he could find something out there. Or he can look for a used-one at one of the used-parts dealers, he gets warranty but the gear box will be more expensive. So, if I were him I would search it first on ebay.
Good luck.
P.S: He should try to ask a few people on one of the few Calibra-forums here in Germany.
Roads of Serbia

* Traffic Report
* Road Works
* Actualities and Announcements
* Actual road toll
* Vehicle Classification
* Subscription tickets

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