Titles: "DTM Champion" awarded to the driver with the most points, "DTM Manufacturers' Champion" (the addition of all the points won by each car of a single manufacturer) and "DTM Teams' Champion" (for each two car team of every entrant).

Points system: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the positions from first to eighth. No dropped scores.

Engines: Two weeks before the start of the season, three engines for each team of two registered competitors are sealed, which have to be used for the entire race season.

Tyres: A maximum of 36 slick tyres (18 front tyres and 18 rear tyres) per driver per event (starting with the first test). The number of rain tyres used is free.

Fuel: Standard Aral ultimate (supplier: Aral).

Start: Standing. Arranged in rows, which are staggered 1 x 1 and are eight metres apart.

Practice: Short roll-out and two 90-minute tests on Friday, 60-minute free training on Saturday morning, 30-minute warm-up on Sunday morning.

Qualifying: The previous format, consisting of a 30-minute qualifying session followed by the Super Pole that was contested by the top ten of the 30-minute session, will be replaced by the so-called shoot-out. The first 14-minute leg of the new qualifying session will be contested by the full 20-car field. The 14 quickest qualify for the second leg while the six slowest cars have to enter the Parc Fermé. They will be 15th to 20th on the grid, according to the lap times they set. Following a seven-minute break, the 14 quickest will go out for their next efforts. This time, they have got just ten minutes to secure a top-eight position. Those who don’t make it will be ninth to 13th on the grid. Following another seven-minute break, the top eight will battle it out for the pole position, with the quickest securing pole, the second qualifying for second grid position and so on. In every leg, the drivers may complete as many laps as they wish to do. The lap times set count only for the respective leg. The tyre sets for the qualifying are limited to five. Refuelling is allowed only following the first leg.

Race format: Approximately 160 kms with a standing start (2 p.m.) and two compulsory pit stops (re-fuelling and tyre change). The first compulsory pit stop may not be made before lap six.

Weight compensation: The assignment of the placement weights was slightly modified. All the 2006-spec cars of the winning brand will have to take aboard five kilogram for the coming round, with the maximum placement weight being limited to 20 kilogram. At the same time, the weight of 2006-spec cars of the brand that didn’t win may be reduced by five kilogram, with the weight reduction being limited to a maximum of ten kilogram. The weights of the 2005 and 2004-spec cars will stay unchanged.