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Full Version: New Dacia model!
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I just read the news.

The new model from Dacia, Sandero has been announced, but so far only in Latin America, as it will be manufactured in Brazil and under the Renault badge.

It is not expected in the EU before 2009.

The news (in Serbian) is here:

Looks like a baby made after Clio III and Logan had sex smile.gif
And here is an article in English from the:

31 Oct 2007, 23:31:
I see that romanian sources talk about it as of Logan hatch, but to me it doesn't look a bit like Logan. It looks a lot more like Clio.

31 Oct 2007, 23:36:
It made it on YouTube also:

I wander how would a Dacia version of the front mask look like...
So why didn't you put it on while it was stil new?! tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Old news smile.gif
A quote from the official Renault web site:

"Mégane noir : Will the Sandero be released in France? Is it equivalent to the 5 door Logan?
Sandero is not the based on the 5-door Logan; it's totally different car featuring an exclusive design. It's modern and was designed first and foremost for Renault Mercosor in South America and adapted to meet local needs. It will be released in Europe starting 2nd semester under the Dacia brand."
Renault Sandero was officially released in Brasil on December 10.

Does anyone have an information on any development regarding its production in Dacia plants?
sundero apear this year in romania!
So it is announced as planned...
But are there any pictures?!
There are quite some pictures of it as a Renault Sandero, but I'm so interested how it will look with the Dacia badge on the front grille smile.gif
Too bad it came a year late for me... If it was available, or even just announced soon at the time I was buying, I'd rather take Sandero then Logan... smile.gif
There are rumors on this forum that some prototypes (or what is called the "zero series") of dacia "sandero" - actually, we don't know the name yet - has already been produced and they are tested near the factory site with masks on them. If not summer, then September will probably bring them on Romanian market.
Ger Nijkamp
An actual photo of the Dacia hatchback (aka Renault Sandero) was posted somewhere on

[ Ger ]
user posted image

This is the Dacia version of the Sandero and a couple of UK motoring magazines are reporting today that it will be on sale in the UK within the next 12 months and available from selected Renault dealers.

The current saloon and MCV won't be sold, although the UK may get the new model in a couple of years
I bloody hope so mate as I have no garante untill dacia get there arses over to the UK
Credits go to Stu for this link, although it is first posted in another topic.
I just had to repeat it here:

This is what I was hoping for! smile.gif
that's a poor chop made by guys who don't know anything about dacia. fake
There were a lot of those, as you say, "poor chop" pictures of hatchbacks, but this last one looks neither poor nor chop, in fact, it looks very atractive (fake or not, I don't really care)!!!

The design of Logan is already outdated, to be honest, and the next version looking like that.... WOW, that is all I'm going to say! If designers (Renault, Dacia, whatever...) are not really working on something looking like that, they should be!!! Seriously!!! And soon!!!

De gustibus non est disputandum, though... smile.gif
I do not think a well known Motor newspaper will be publishing FAKE information for there Millions of readers ! Get real !!
Martin, the picture is fake. You will see the Logan facelift soon, this year. It looks just like a Sandero and the rear is modified.

The real Logan in those photos is the one beneath the heavy camouflage, the rest is just an artist's imagination on a Laguna 3 initial photo.

Le: And most car magazines publish poor chops. biggrin.gif
there are little chances that logan mk 2 will be a hatch. Now dacia has a sedan, a wagon and soon it will have sandero, the hatch. They will surely replace the actual logan with another sedan, actually I'm pretty sure it will be more like a facelift than an entirely a new car.
Actually, I believe the British press on this one, not about whether the picture is fake or not, but that Logan mk 2, as you call it, in hatch version (and I prefer to call it 5 door saloon) will be marketed in GB, as this kind of information is usually coming from the manufacturer, whereas pictures are often just a speculation.

And Sandero cannot be considered as a hatch version of Logan, even Renault officially states so, even though they are based on the same B0 platform. Sandero is actually a totally different class, like Clio and Megane (even their names suggest so - Logan:Megane, Clio:Sandero smile.gif ).

And I expect only just Twingo:????? biggrin.gif
well, i just want to say that a notchback (like laguna 2) will never be produce. Why. Because logan it primarly a car for countries where people need space in the trunk, and prefere sedans. Maybe in 5 years... but for now i'm sure that logan mk2 will be a sedan. And will have also sandero2
Aphophis, if you are talking as an authoritative person, and this is an official policy for Renault/Dacia, then I am really very disappointed. I really do believe that people like myself, in countries where Dacia is selling the most, DO NEED a choice between both versions. We are no different in taste from the western buyers, we only need a cheaper alternative (otherwise, there would have never been a Renault Laguna). Having just a big trunk is often not the most important, the keyword here is FLEXIBILITY, for an occasional necessity. And most of us do not need a van on a regular basis.
i'm just a owner. i'm not working for dacia, but i can see the truth biggrin.gif let's face it , dacia has a market, who don't apreciate notchback version. As a family car. They will buy Logan sedan or logan mcv. If you are a teenager, you live in a city with a lot of cars, with congestion etc probably you will buy a sandero. K, there are people who want a notchback, but it's profitable for dacia to make such a car (meaning they will sell suficient cars to cover all the expenses?

sorry for the bad english
Oh, thank God you are not an insider, so there is still a good chance that you are horribly wrong (and British press is right)! biggrin.gif radmasa.gif

As for the market appreciation of different versions, you cannot really know unless you have them both in offer, right?!. But the next best thing we can do is to start a poll on this topic, if you agree biggrin.gif?!

The sobering truth is that 5-door version would definitely have to cost more than simpler 4-door sedan (due to more complicated construction of the 5th door, foldable back seat, etc...), which would surely have an adverse influence on potential buyers, but the question remains how much.
as i said, in long therm (4-10 years ) maybe, on logan2. But i have doubts that dacia will make a notchback version of logan, with dacia hatch in their program.
Exactly what "AutoExpress" article said, it is expected as a version of Logan mk2, only not in 4-10 years but rather in 1-2 years!

2 Mar 2008, 21:33:
But where is the Dacia's low cost version of Twingo?!?!?!?!? wink.gif
According to a press release from Renault issued today, the Dacia Sandero will be "progressivly rolled out throughout Europe" starting from June 2008.

No pictures, but it may be launched at this months Geneva Motor Show, so there could be some shortly.

Edit: pictures here:
actually we already have pictures. biggrin.gif

user posted image

You have not seen the INSIDE of the car Di maggio dry.gif
Stop being so un-positive or no one will bother to post here anymore sad.gif
I myself found this very interesting .................But if its photos you are looking for then ......Whatever!! cool.gif
Inside pictures here. wink.gif
Well done mate nad Thanks for the link
It looks pretty good as well
It looks nice!
If by "nice" you mean "ugly", then yes, it looks nice. smile.gif
Also the new logo looks like a beer cap opener.
De gustibus non est disputandum.
I've moved this topic to the newly created "Dacia Sandero English Corner" forum.

Enjoy wink.gif

iulius nice video
sandero has quite a special design i think it's adressed to younger people.
Hey there,

What a nice videoclips . The more I look at the car the nicer it gets. Love the steering wheel. Don't like the name [Sandero] .It just doesn't apeal to me ,but that is personal.

greetings , Lo-rider
Sandero sounds really latino (well yeah, they launched the car in Brasil and Argentina first) and it brings to mind the Spanish word for path (sendero).
I don't think this was a very smart move from Dacia: to name the model Sandero in Europe. And I say that because Europe isn't a latin continent, the car will be put on sale on a large number of European countries (even larger that Logan), and the name might not appeal to everyone. Logan is a neutral name, it goes in latin, german or anglo-saxon countries. Sandero.. not so much. Picture a German trying to say: Dacia Sandero. But what do I know? I'm just a client, I bet Renault has a special division that deals with researching this kind of stuff.
Name put aside, I really enjoy the new model, it's an upgrade to a fairly made car that is Logan, and, with a reasonably price tag, it will definitely be a hit.
Now where's that waiting list so I can put my name on it? evil5.gif
Really? How do you like "Mercedes" name? It's german? It's english name?
Mercedesa is a giypsy name.
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