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Full Version: Cold Start Problems
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Hello Dacia Forum fans

I'm the proud owner of a Dacia Duster 1.6 4WD, i bought the car new one year ago and now the car has 21.000Km on it. The car was runing perfectly and gave me no problems until last week when, one day, trying to start the car in the morning while trying to go to work, took longer than what is usual. Now my car never starts at the first time, i have to try once, twice, three times...sometimes more. The engine starts but he can't maintain the Revs. The car simply stops runing, and when i'm able to get it running i cannot just put first gear and drive, i have to wait for it to heat the engine up so that i can drive it otherwise, the car simply floods down and the smell of unburnt gasoline is just to much. I have to wait for it to heat the engine up and then it allows me to drive. If i don't do this procedure it just stops with what it seems to be a flooded engine. I've changed the oil and air filters, i've even changed the spark plugs, i've placed and aditiv on the gas tank to clean the fuel system but nothing helps. The strangest thing is that when the car is at the right temperature it runs normal.
Can anyone help me? Did it happened to someone else? I'm really desperate because of this and because the fuel consumption has increased due to this problem.

Check the flywheel sensor, it may be clogged or damaged, though it is hard to believe it may be happening on a new engine.

Check also the spark plug wires or the ignition coil. If the moisture condensates on the high voltage electrical parts on a cold start, it is possible to cause trouble until the engine gets hot and the water evaporates. This is easy to check: put one hand on the wires, and the other one on the chassis, where it stings, there is the problem. Be sure first that you don`t have any heart related health problems, or you may have the oportunity to meet your ancestors.
Ok guys, seems like that anybody else had the same problem. I went to a shop to make a diagnostic check up. When they plugged the car into the computer the problem that poped up was related to a bad conduction of the gases from the engine to the exhaust system, the gases are clogged up. Either the catalyst or the lambda probe are having problems...i already got my Duster on the elevator but, to be able to work on the catalyst i need to remove the whole part so it will takle longuer than what i expected. unsure.gif

I'll keep you may happen the same to you and that way you will have some ideas where to start looking.

Best regards
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